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Why You Should Choose an Independent Insurance Agent…

Independent insurance agents talk with you, ask you questions and understand your insurance needs. We can custom-design a complete insurance program that protects you, your family and your business from life’s unexpected perils.


Save You Time and Money

Independent insurance agents represent many companies with many products; therefore, we can do the shopping for you. We offer you more choices, which means better coverage for you at a better price.


We Explain Policies

Independent insurance agents can explain complex insurance policies. We can clearly outline the terms, conditions, coverages and costs. You need to know what your policy does – and doesn’t do – before you have a claim.


Update Your Coverage

As your life changes – you buy a car, move into a new home, have a child, your business grows – so do your insurance needs. We can suggest changes to keep you, your family and your business protected and secure.


We Can Offer You Money-Saving Strategies

Independent insurance agents know buying strategies that can save you money. Strategies such as offering premium discounts, convenient payment plans, and coverage reviews.


Help With Problem Resolution

Have questions on your bill or policy? A problem with your claim? Unsure of where to go for answers? We know how the insurance system works and can get answers to help solve your insurance problems quickly and fairly.

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